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Hi and welcome to my website. Having this online portfolio is purely a vanity project, and I hope at least some of the images here give you, the viewer, some pleasure. The site isn’t set up to make sales, but if there’s something you think you might like to buy, please e-mail me via the contact page with your enquiry and I’ll get straight back to you.

February 2023 finally saw a long-planned site update come to fruition. A slimmed-down offering, shifting the text-heavy areas across to a standalone “blog” site and returning steers-gallery to a simplified, image-led showcase. Fewer images, and an apparent shift towards more monochrome and the inclusion of some digital images, and even some pinhole (folio 4). It’s interesting now, to see how my photographic interests have changed since I first took on this web space. I plan to periodically update and refresh the images to keep the site relevant to the changes and developments that “life with a camera” throws my way, so please do call back from time to time to see what’s new.

I’ve tried to make the site as simple to view and navigate as is humanly possible, mainly because that’s all my basic grasp of the site building programme would allow, The buttons on the left will navigate around the site, and if you feel like commenting on the content, details of how to get in touch are on the contact page.

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Members of the Cumbre Tajín Festival de la Identidad, perform the Mexican ritual ceremony Voladores - 5 men climb to a tiny platform at the top of a 20 meter pole, and while one man sits on the platform beating out a rhythm, the other four descend on ropes, setting the platform spinning as they spiral back to earth.

Palo Volador - Glastonbury Festival - June 2015

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